Even though hurricane Sandy ended in 2012, the devastation left in its wake has continued to affect numerous people through the past few years…mainly in the way of unfulfilled flood insurance claims.

On Wednesday March 11, 2015 four U.S. Senators, Bob Menendez, Cory Booker, Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, met with the administrator of FEMA, Craig Fugate, and formulated a plan to take a look at every flood insurance claim left in limbo since Sandy dissipated in November of 2012. The total number was queued in at about 144,000 claims.

The amount of claims currently in litigation is about 2,200.

This announcement comes in after a number of efforts and actions taken by these four Senators to resolve the flood insurance claims for the victims of hurricane Sandy and push FEMA to provide more oversight. The Senators seem to be pretty happy with the results as Senator Menendez said, “This is a significant turnaround for the thousands of Sandy survivors who have been victimized not only by the storm, but by FEMA, insurance companies and their subcontractors who systemically lowballed claims. For months and months, I have been fighting to expose this scandal and make sure Sandy victims get what they’re entitled to and I’m pleased FEMA has admitted there are big problems and has committed to fixing them. I intend to hold their feet to the fire every step of the way to ensure Sandy survivors receive the fair treatment they deserve.”

Craig Fugate emphasized FEMA’s devotion to helping the victims of Sandy by claiming they are taking steps to:

  • Create a process for any victim of Sandy (who are non-litigants) to have their claims reopened if they think they were low-balled or denied unjustly.
  • Provide access to the engineering reports for any claimant
  • Communicate to Sandy victims via mail and detail this new process for them.
  • Push forward with the Sandy Task Force to begin an evaluation and reform the program if necessary.
  • Change personnel at the higher levels of the NFIP