As the world makes its move towards more sustainable and green living, figuring out a way to integrate this sustainability into home design and building has become an ever increasing question on the minds of developers and buyers alike.

While solar panels have been historically difficult to work into a home, new technology has created Solar PV tiles that can easily and aesthetically fit alongside regular roofing tiles. This means that visuals and property design need not be forfeited for sustainability.

The Intecto solar PV tile is designed to fit perfectly next to standard roofing tiles in both commercial and residential homes, offering a wide variety of colors to fit well with any building.

The purpose of this system was to create a product that would allow the architects, roofing contractors, and engineers to offer rooftop PV system that looked great and has ease of installation without sacrificing energy output.

Placed directly onto woof roofing in a secure fashion, the guaranteed fixing system allows the Inteco units to fit seamlessly into clay, terracotta, and concrete roofs, the system can be used as a whole roof PV system if needed.

These special tiles have been specifically developed to live up to design and aesthetic requirements and can be used to meet special conditions when designing and building homes and commercial building. They are also appropriate for heritage and green belt areas, where the rooftops require a soar PV system which maintains the integrity of the buildings and their environment.